6 Dangers to Your Child’s Health You Need to Know About

Childhood is a wonderful period, and parents are ready to do anything to make their child smile and laugh. But sometimes it’s easy to take this too far.

smartzune.com    found five things that do more harm than good to your children.

6. Baby walkers and jumperoos

Their proven harm is more considerable than their positive effect. Baby walkers and jumperoos are already banned in Canada.Baby injury rate (over 8,000 cases a year in the USA alone).Uneven muscle strengthening, deformation of feet and legs.Spine curvature due to the heavy load on it (a child’s spine does not take shape and lacks necessary curves before the age of one).

6 Dangers to Your Child’s Health You Need to Know About

Independent motor skills development is postponed as there is no motivation to walk independently. The sense of equilibrium and the instinct of self-preservation are not evolving.To minimize the harm, use these devices under adult supervision for 15 minutes twice a day only after the baby is able to get up independently. Also, consult your orthopedist to discuss precautions.