6 Bank Card Secrets Everyone Should Know About

We use bank cards every day. We withdraw money from ATMs, we use them to pay our bills and pay for food, and we transfer money to our friends. And this is not a complete list of the transactions we make every day. However, there are a few things about bank cards that we never knew.

smartzune.com  will tell you about the small secrets of bank cards that can teach you a few financial tricks.

6. What the numbers on bank cards mean

  • Most bank cards have a 16-digit number (sometimes 13 or 19 digits). The first digit is the system number identifier (4 — VISA, 5 — MasterCard). The next 5 digits represent the issuing bank.6 Bank Card Secrets Everyone Should Know About

    So just 6 digits will give you information about the type of the card, the system, and the bank that issued the card. Check for yourself.

  • The next 9 digits are useful only for the bank because they identify the card owner.