58% of Americans Think that Lockdowns Did More Harm than Good

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It’s not just that Americans don’t want more lockdowns to deal with Omicron. They also are of the opinion that the original set of lockdowns did more harm than good.

That information comes from a Rasmussen poll, which found that:

Looking back, 58% of voters believe that shutting down businesses and locking down society did more harm than good. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 35% disagree and 17% are not sure.

More specifically, when asked “Looking back, did many states and cities overreact to the coronavirus pandemic in ways that did more harm than good?,” 48% of those polled agreed and 39% disagreed.

Then, when asked “Looking back over the past year or so, would you agree or disagree with this statement: ‘Despite good intentions, shutting down businesses and locking down society did more harm than good,”’ the results were:

  • 35% Strongly agree
  • 23% Somewhat agree
  • 20% Somewhat disagree
  • 15% Strongly disagree
  • 7% Not sure

So, far more people strongly agree than strongly disagree, and slightly more people somewhat agree than somewhat disagree, with almost a supermajority agreeing in some form or another.

Furthermore, Rasmussen reports that that opinion has ticked up over time:

Belief that the lockdowns did more harm than good is up a point since August and up three points from July. In May, 2020, a majority of voters took the opposite view.

If that trend continues, a large majority of Americans could soon come to view lockdowns in the negative way many on the right viewed them from the start.

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