5 Tips From Experienced Parents on How to Deal With a Naughty Child

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It goes without saying that you need to find a unique approach to raising every child, but there are some common golden rules that will help you connect with even the most disobedient kid. Paul Raeburn and Kevin Zollman in their work “The Theory of Games for Parents” argue that the classic strategy of game theory will help teach children to come to fair agreements on their own, make them more obedient, and help them to build friendly relationships with their parents.

smartzune.com found some advice that will help parents deal with even the most stubborn children through playing together.

5. A child refuses to walk with their parents.

If your baby isn’t walking by 14 months, your concerns are understandable. You want your child to reach milestones, and you don’t want your baby to lag behind other children of similar age. But a baby being unable to walk at 14 months isn’t usually indicative of a problem 

5 Tips From Experienced Parents on How to Deal With a Naughty Child

Every parent has probably faced a situation where their child stopped in the middle of the street, refused to hold their parent’s hand, and basically just wouldn’t budge.

To convince them to continue your walk, try to switch roles with them. Let the child play the role of the parent and you’ll see that they’ll immediately get into the game and become more obedient.