5 Fatal Mistakes That Spoil a First Impression

It takes just seven seconds for a person to form a first impression. In that short space of time, a person can do or say something whose negative consequences might not be possible to correct for seven years.

smartzune.com  has prepared a list of unforgivable mistakes that most people make when they get acquainted with new people.

1. You tell lies

Lying is bad, and all secrets eventually become known. We all learn this fundamental truth in childhood. But all of us have told the occasional lie. During a job interview, for instance, many of us boast of nonexistent achievements, or maybe we have embellished facts during a date. And we did so to our own detriment!

5 Fatal Mistakes That Spoil a First Impression

When you talk honestly about things that don’t frame you in the most positive light, and when you admit your mistakes and deny gaps in your knowledge, you’re opening yourself up. The person you’re talking to will begin to take you for an honest and reliable individual. This can create a strong sense of trust.

Remember: relationships begun on the basis of honesty are always stronger than those founded on deception.