5 eye makeup ideas to try right now

Metallic eyes

It is finally acceptable wear glitter as a grown-up. Get some fresh inspiration from our November cover girl Alia Bhatt who had specks of sequins sprayed at the corners of her eyes or from Giambattista Valli’s runway where a sparkly liner was worn under the brow (who needs a highlighter, really?). For a more elegant look, go with a thick stripe of solid gold across your lids as seen at Rajesh Pratap Singh.

Arty liner  

After countless winters of smoky eyes, the eyeliner was hard to ignore this season. Mostly seen in shades of charcoal, the eyeliner went from a sharp line under the eyes at Akaaro and a minimal cat-eye at Kenzo to a trippy splash of colour at Fendi. While it’s not for your typical work day, it definitely makes a cool party look.