5 Essential Tips of Health and Fitness !

Health and Fitness are great concerns in modern world due to sedentary life style and intensive use of gadgets. Moreover craving for fast foods and carbonated drinks is equally responsible and causing serious health issues. As a result health and fitness are emerging issues in every metropolitan cities of the world. So what you have to do in this situation ? You need to know some tips of Health and Fitness, so that you spend your life happily.First of all, look into this simple question; What can influence your body?It might be something, when we intake ? OR It might be something when we sense it- five senses ?Here are just 5 Essential Tips of Health and Fitness !

1- Good Eating

Health and Fitness: Good Eating

Eat Healthy Foods and avoid junk foods and carbonated drinks- which are really dangerous for your health. Ultra processed foods can cause serious health problems like Heart Diseases, Liver and Kidney problems due to high load of metabolic components.Similarly frequent eating of fried spicy foods also causes stomach itchiness and leads to ulceration.Select your food which is rich in Proteins, Fibers, Vitamins and Minerals.Prefer freshly prepared food instead of stored food. Similarly meat stored in refrigerator can be quite dangerous to health because of bacterial colony developed in it.Raw meat contains bacteria especially E. coli, salmonella and listeria and parasites. When it is stored in refrigerator, that doesn’t mean kill bacteria.In order to avoid it, wash the meat well before cooking. Steam cooking in this case is preferable to kill the remaining bacteria.Maintain hygiene in your kitchen and make sure every utensil should be washed before and after eating food.Make your habit of eating green leafy vegetables- rich in vitamins and minerals especially iron. Iron is integral part of blood- hemoglobin.Using salad before meal is quite helpful to keep your stomach functioning better to absorb much of nutrition from food.Moreover eating Fruits or drinking fresh juices is healthy for keeping your skin young because they are lavishly packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

2- Good Inhalation

Health and Fitness: Good Inhalation

Seek the Oxygen and inhale deeply into lungs- to supply sufficient quantity of it to every tissue and cell of your body. Breathing in early morning in fresh air will help you to maintain your Health and Fitness Climate change- Climate is changing rapidly due to pollution and urbanization. After climate disaster of Amazon forest fires, climate change is big concern of today for many countries. It is estimated that total 2,240,000 acres area of Amazon forest is burned in more than 40,000 fires.1As a result level of oxygen is decreasing in the air, so keep yourself in green areas and do plantation as you can- in your house as well as in public places.