35 of the funniest photos of animals that were taken at the perfect time

  • The internet is home to some of the best, most hilarious photos, especially of animals.
  • These photos — from a whale to squirrels — were taken at the perfect time, and they are guaranteed to make you smile.
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If you’re having a rough day, it’s no secret that animals are the best way to turn your frown upside down. We rounded up the funniest pictures we could find of animals just being themselves, from answering when nature calls to posing for all of our wild photos.

Keep scrolling for the 35 funniest photos of animals that were taken at the perfect time.

This photo proves the phrase should be “like a squirrel in headlights.”

'Caught In The Act' by Mary McGowan Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
“Woah, woah, woah …” 
Courtesy of Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

This squirrel was definitely unprepared for whatever it just saw.

This panda plays in the snow better than most humans.

panda bear funny
Young Panda Su Lin takes a roll in the snow at the San Diego Zoo. 
Karl Drilling / Barcroft USA / Getty Images

This is how all snow days should be celebrated.

One way dogs and humans are alike — we react to bubbles in the same way.

dog bubble surprise
Connie Fore/Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards

This photo was part of last year’s Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards, which celebrate pets and the best photos of them.

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