30 Times Harry Potter Got Roasted On Twitter With These Funny Jokes

The Harry Potter film series debuted in 2001, which means we are a step away from its 20-year anniversary. (If the world doesn’t collapse, and nobody is entirely sure from what we’ve seen so far.) The truth is, as time has passed, only now do we realize how funny that spellbound universe truly was. So no Sirius faces allowed after this point!

If you haven’t thought of Harry Potter as an excellent source for jokes, puns, and one-liners, bear with us. smartzune.com  has compiled a list full of Riddikulously funny tweets that prove you don’t need to be a Potterhead to indulge in some much-needed sassiness.

The list may come as especially enjoyable to millennials, since according to this research, the Harry Potter series “has had a powerful effect on the entire generation.” And who are we to refute science?




Bored Panda reached out to Andy McCray, the founder and editor at the website Harry Potter Fan Zone, to find out what it is about the Harry Potter series that clicks with so many people still today. The project was launched back in 2003 when Andy was a 14-year-old student from Canberra, Australia. It is now one of the largest Wizarding World sources on the internet.

Andy explained that Harry Potter has such a passionate and enthusiastic following because it embedded itself in the zeitgeist of the 2000s. “An entire generation grew up reading the books and watching the films, and the characters and stories have transcended the page to became part of popular culture.

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