30 Secrets Gym Employees Hide From Us

How does a fitness club function and why do trainers promise you a perfect body after just one month of workouts? Why are the workouts so expensive and you don’t see any obvious results? What tricks should you know if you want to visit the swimming pool and you already have a gym membership?

smartzune.com   has talked to running coaches, gym employees, a body-ballet teacher, and a yoga trainer in order to find out the secrets that are connected with their jobs, that they don’t tell to their clients.

About memberships and yearly memberships

  • Gyms pay attractive people to visit and overweight people don’t get the discount. Fit visitors motivate others to go to the gym more often and clients with extra weight only repel other people. Exceptions: celebrities and rich people.Among the regular customers of the gym, there are usually a few welcoming and communicative people that meet the new visitors.
  •  Their job is to offer them sports nutrition products and other muscle building products that allegedly can help them achieve the necessary results fast. The gym gets its cut from these sales.Managers always try to sell as many memberships as possible without considering whether there is enough space for everyone. Good gyms try to solve this problem with a schedule: if you go to morning workouts, you get an additional discount. Aside from that, there are a lot of people in gyms after the Christmas holidays and during vacation periods.
  • If you pay for only 2-3 visits, you pay 15-20 times more. Nowadays, it is hard to find a gym where you can pay for only one workout or just one month. Almost all gyms have memberships and are at least 6-12 months in duration. Most people that buy the memberships only go to the first several workouts. So the gym wins, because they don’t have to return your money if you decide not to come.
  • Membership prices are always a little too high, so for every visitor, the manager chooses an “additional” discount. The final price will be even lower if you buy the membership during the last days of December.