3 Reasons Why Parents Are Better Off Not Doing Homework With Their Kids

Many parents believe that if they don’t control the process of doing homework, their kid will study badly. But the researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and Duke proved the opposite. They have been collecting data about how the involvement of parents in the teaching process affects marks and found out that parents’ assistance is useless during primary school and affects the examination results negatively in secondary and high school.

smartzune.com is going to tell you why a child (and not their parents) should be responsible for their homework.

1. A child loses their motivation to study.

According to the results of this research, the more parents are involved in the process of doing homework with their kids, the less the child will want to learn. Children whose parents sit next to them and tell them what to do, controlling every step and even doing homework for them, have the lowest motivation. However, schoolchildren whose parents don’t “press” them have a bigger desire to learn something new.

3 Reasons Why Parents Are Better Off Not Doing Homework With Their Kids

As a parent, try to loosen the reins and only help if your kid asks for it themselves. In this case, you should explain to the kid what they didn’t understand but you shouldn’t do the task for them. If your kid can’t stand doing homework, a psychologist Lyudmila Petranovskaya recommends “joining” their emotions: admit that they’re right to not want to rewrite that boring paragraph or to write the same letter 10 lines in a row. After that, teach them “to swallow a frog” (which means to cope with difficult and unpleasant situations) by sharing your own method of fulfilling unwanted tasks.