28 Utterly Fantastic Shots Taken at Exactly the Right Moment

A perfect picture is captured at the exact moment when you become entirely sure that what’s coming next is inevitable. Few of us have the capability of getting the timing down to capture these shots. Being a professional photographer isn’t enough, and it’s actually not even necessary. If you’re good a seizing the moment, you just might have this skill.

smartzune.com  appreciates those who seek creativity. That’s why we collect unusual shots that cause only one reaction: ’’Woah, that’s amazing!’’

10. ’Where’s my earring?’

Ugh: You’re on the couch watching Dirty Dancing (we don’t judge), minding your own business, when you hear a clinking noise. One of your cute new rose-gold studs has popped out, slipped between the couch cushions and fallen Godknowswhere. Here’s how to find it in ten seconds flat.

What you need: A pair of old tights and a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment.

28 Utterly Fantastic Shots Taken at Exactly the Right Moment

What you do: Guide the hose attachment into a leg of the tights so the inside of the toe is pushed right up against the opening of the vacuum. Turn the vacuum on and run it underneath the couch. With the vacuum still on, carefully remove it from under the couch and examine the tights to find your earring. (And probably some crumbs.)

Why it works: The material of the tights creates a net that retrieves the earring but keeps it from going inside the vacuum. OK, now go back to watching Baby and Johnny.