23 Health Myths We’ve Believed Our Whole Lives That Aren’t True

There are a lot of commonly believed myths that just won’t go away. Few of us can tell if one particular health fact is true or false. We’ve been told that if we read in dim light, it’ll worsen our vision or if we sit on a toilet seat in a public restroom, we’ll inevitably get covered with germs and bacteria. However, these two facts are just old myths we continue to believe.

At  smartzune.com we have decided to find out which facts provide useful information and which ones should be forgotten once and for all.

Myth #23: Fresh products are healthier than frozen ones.

Most people believe this myth to be true. Although it seems like there’s no doubt about it, studies have come to opposite conclusions. In fact, frozen fruits and veggies are just as nutritious as fresh ones since they’re packaged at their peak ripeness.

23 Health Myths We’ve Believed Our Whole Lives That Aren’t True

Most of you probably believe that if you have a meal before drinking alcohol, you won’t get drunk. Well, it’s not quite true. Food helps our bodies absorb alcohol. Being full will lower the absorption rate of alcohol into the bloodstream but it won’t stop the intoxication process.