22-Year-Old Model Halima Aden Creates A Line Of Protective Masks For Hijab-Wearers

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the shortage of protective personal equipment has proved to be a major problem. The situation improved when various designers and private organizations combined their efforts to produce additional supplies. However, one problem persisted—standard face masks usually don’t cater to people who are wearing hijabs or other religious coverings. So this American-Somali model drew from her experience in the field of fashion to create face masks for hijab-wearing frontline workers.

22-year-old model Halima Aden has designed an alternative to N95 masks for hijab-wearers

Image credits: Anywear

Halima Aden, a 22-year-old American-Somali model, has teamed up with fashion startup Anywear to craft alternatives to N95 masks for people who wear hijabs. Since Halima herself used to work as a cleaner in a hospital, she was more than glad for the opportunity to bring her first-hand experience to the design process.

The model has teamed up with fashion startup Anywear for the project

Image credits: Anywear

The model already has some experience in designing pieces—Halima has also designed headscarves in collaboration with Turkish brand Modanisa. This time, she was eager to design protective face masks, as the coronavirus crisis showed that the risk of death is higher for ethnic minorities.