21 Christmas Ideas to Bring Magic Into Your Home

Decorating the Christmas tree is the tradition that everyone loves but it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do during the preparation for the holiday. Besides, some people don’t even want to have a Christmas tree at home, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have any holiday atmosphere. smartzune.com offers you 21 ideas you can use to turn your house into a Christmas fairy tale. And at the end, we have prepared a bonus for people who still aren’t in the Christmas mood.

1. Decorating the door

Why don’t you start decorating your house with the entrance door? You only need ribbons or any kind of fabric and you can find the instructions here. If you like snowmen better, you should go here. You can also decorate the walls of your rooms, the fridge, or the cabinet doors.

2. Ice lanterns

If you live in a house or are planning to celebrate Christmas out of town, you should consider the idea of street lanterns made of ice. This blog explains how to make them and you can experiment with the shape and the contents.

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