20 Times When Men Didn’t Want to Have Pets but Then Couldn’t Live Without Them

Some men are sometimes so hard to convince of something, that it may just be easier to give up. But not in the case when it comes to a new fluffy friend. When you want a pet, you can do a lot to talk to your father or husband into getting one. But beware, there is a risk that the men will love them more than you do!

We at Bright Side are completely sure that everyone loves pets. It’s just that some people need help in discovering these feelings. And the people from our compilation prove our idea.

1. Dad, 2 years ago: “I swear to god Gina, I’ll kill you if you get a dog. I don’t want a dog. They’re too much work. DON’T GET A DOG.”

Dad today after walking less than half of a mile: “She’s tired. Her legs are small. I’m just going to carry her the rest of the way home.”

2. “Don’t get one, keep them away from me.”

One week later: “Quick son! She fell asleep on my shoulder, come take a picture.”

3. Then: “If you get a cat you will regret it.”

Now: Loves to cat sit and sends me a selfie every time.