20+ Photos That Show Us What Love Is Really All About

Love really makes the world go ‘round and it can be shown in so many ways and shapes. Sometimes love means adopting a child or donating a kidney, but other times it’s just cooking a good meal or making a paper ring for your mother. Every loving expression we give out makes a difference and the people from this compilation clearly understand this.

smartzune.com    believes we could all use a little extra love and kindness in our lives, so we gathered some moving photos that prove that an act of love is never too small to be missed.

1. “My 8-year-old caught me crying over my missing engagement ring and made me this.”

2. “This little heart on my hand is called a ’cuddle button’.”

Since his wife died, their 4-year-old daughter has hated being away from him. Her teacher draws this on both of their hands when he drops her off at school and every time they press the ’cuddle button,’ it sends a hug to the other person. This helps the little girl feel connected to her father.