20 hysterical finalists in this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

TILAKRAJ NAGARAJ_Warning Territory Marking follow at your own risk_00000872
Nairobi National Park, Nairobi, Kenya. 
© Tilakraj Nagaraj / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019
  • The annual Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards recognize hilarious photos of animals.
  • The contest aims to raise awareness about wildlife conservation.
  • Forty finalists in the 2019 competition were announced.
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“Who would like a peanut? Squirrels at the University of Michigan” by Corey Seeman

Corey Seeman_Who would like a peanut Squirrels at the University of Michigan_00003651
Ann Arbor, Michigan. 
© Corey Seeman / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“That’s Hilarious Steve” by Lloyd Durham

Lloyd Durham_Thats Hilarious Steve_00004030
Lincolnshire, England. 
© Lloyd Durham / Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019

“This one particular seal seemed quite active compared to the rest who seemed more content with sleeping instead. It was waving its hand all over the place and moving about quite a bit. I believe when I snapped this photo, it was yawning. However, it immediately gave the impression that it was laughing hysterically, almost like someone told it an amazing joke.”

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