20 Funny Animal Pictures That You Need In Your Life

The Internet was practically invented for funny animal pictures. Here are some of the best ones to brighten your day and make you smile.

Lazy cat lying under the dish drainer in the kitchen

File your hygiene complaints in the round bin

Get ready, because these funny animals will have you uncontrollably laughing out loud. “You’ve heard of ‘If I fits, I sits’? Well this is the corollary ‘If its clean dishes, I squishes.’” Got a cute kitty? Check out the 16 pet products vets never buy and neither should you.

Funny portrait of brown horse with white stripe on neck yawning and showing its teeth in front of green grass

The Internet is no place to horse around

“Do not, I repeat, do not Google ‘hot fillies near you’! I swear those pictures were not all what I was expecting.” Funny animal pictures are one thing, these 10 craziest things zookeepers have seen on the job are another.

Carettochelys insculpta. The merry turtle swims under the water. Funny animals.

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