20+ Celebrities Who Masterfully Got Into Someone Else’s Photo but Didn’t Ruin It

Many famous people, despite their celebrity status, don’t hesitate to jump into other people’s photos without giving it a second thought. And it doesn’t matter if they’re the celeb’s colleagues or ordinary people who are trying to take the picture — absolutely everyone sincerely enjoys when this happens. And the end result turns out to be the real masterpiece that always puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

smartzune.com     found out which celebrities enjoy “ruining” each other’s photos and realized that all of them are pretty good at it — and Jared Leto and George Clooney are total pros! At the end of the article, you’ll find a picture that was taken in 1853 and it just may be the very first photobomb in history.

When Margot Robbie was photographed for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s promotional materials, Brad Pitt decided to interfere.

“I took this family picture several years ago and it turned out to be a photobomb with Drake.”