1st Birthday Wishes | Our Baby’s First Year in life

  • God gave you to us approximately 12 months ago. And in so doing, He made us the happiest parents in the world. Happy 1st birthday to you, our little angel. May you always have a smile on your beautiful face.
  • We now thoroughly enjoy every moment of our lives because you are ours today and forever. Happy 1st birthday to our absolutely adorable little darling.
  • Sweetie pie, wishing you nothing but total joy on the first big day of your life. We hope you enjoy this special day to your heart’s content.
  • In our eyes, there’s nothing in this world that is more precious than you, and that is why we treasure you more than we treasure our lives. On this exceptionally special day, we pray that the good Lord will bestow His immeasurable blessings of happiness on your life. Happy 1st birthday.
  • You are our adorable prince, our joy and the sunshine that decorates our skies. As you mark your first year in life, we pray for a blessed and truly happy life for you. Happy 1st birthday, sweetie.
  • Yay! Our little miracle turns 1 today! What a joyful occasion it is! Sweetie, as you celebrate turning 1, may love, good health and joy be yours forever. Happy birthday!
  • You are the number 1 source of our greatest happiness. Thank you for making our lives lovelier. On the first birthday of your life, we pray that life will always give you countless of reasons to rejoice. Happy 1st birthday!
  • Sweetie, congratulations on turning 1 today! May your first year of life mark the beginning of an astonishingly happy life for you. We love you so much.
Birthday wish for 1st birthday.
Happy Birthday, princess.


Happy Birthday. 1 year old today!
Happy Birthday. 1 year old today!