17 Reddit Users Showed Who Their Boss Really Is When They Work From Home

It’s becoming increasingly common to work in other places that are not the office, not only your own home, but also while traveling, for example. That is why people have to maintain a routine that allows them to carry out their tasks in a timely manner. However, when you have a pet, things can get a little complicated. That’s why a few Reddit and Imgur users decided to share images showing how they spend their workdays from home in the company of their furry friends, and how they become a distraction after a little while.

Bright Side made a compilation for you of some of the funniest images of these beloved pets who are keeping their owners company while they work from home.

1. “Working from home. Best coworkers ever! But not very engaged.”

2. “Rivers is LOVING that his parents are working from home.”

3. “Working from home and my boss is constantly looking over my shoulder.”