17 Celebrities Who Proved Shaving a Beard Changes Everything

The ultimate dilemma in a man’s life is probably, “To beard or not to beard?” The answer is not so simple though since everyone’s style is different and most men like to experiment with their facial hair at times. When it comes to celebrities making huge changes it might happen from time to time for the sake of a role. Sometimes the difference is so conspicuous that we can’t help but weigh in on the decision.

At Bright Side, we love people who try new things and who aren’t afraid to change their appearance. This is why we’ve selected some of the most dramatic changes on people who made the brave decision to shave their beards.

1. Chris Evans with a beard vs Chris Evans with a mustache — we love Captain America anyway!

2. When someone pops the question, “Chris Hemsworth with or without a beard,” the answer is both!