16 Reasons India Is Like Another Planet

With over 1600 languages spoken and almost 1/6th of the world’s population calling it home, India is not just any ordinary country. The diversity in landscape, cuisine, and weather make different parts of the country look like completely different countries.

To celebrate India’s unity in diversity smartzune.com  collected 16 facts that make the country super special.

1. The world has 4 seasons, India has 6.

The traditional Indian calendar describes 6 seasons.

  1. Spring: Mid-February to Mid-April
  2. Summer: Mid-April to Mid-June16 Reasons India Is Like Another Planet
  3. Monsoon: Mid-June to Mid-August
  4. Autumn: Mid-August to Mid-October
  5. Winter’s Eve: Mid-October to Mid-December
  6. Winter: Mid-December to Mid-February