16 Celebrities Who Changed Beyond Recognition Once They Hired Stylists

Celebrities on our list are like fine wines: they grow even better over the years. Their looks have become more elegant and chic. But these changes would be impossible without stylists. It’s no secret that a whole team has to work to improve a celebrity’s style. And sometimes when you look at a celebrity “before” and “after” the transformation, it’s difficult to believe that it’s even the same person.

Bright Side decided to trace celebrities’ style evolutions from their first public appearance to the present day and the changes are really impressive.

Céline Dion

Céline Dion found her own elegant and feminine style after she became a superstar (the picture in the middle). In 2016 she survived a personal tragedy — her husband passed away after a long fight with cancer, and 2 days later her brother died from brain, throat, and tongue cancer.

16 Celebrities Who Changed Beyond Recognition Once They Hired Stylists

Trying to ease the pain after the loss, Céline changed her style completely.

In 2019 at Paris Fashion Week, people acknowledged Céline as a street style fashion star. Thanks to her new stylist Law Roach, she started to wear trendy hoodies and sneakers, extravagant clothes, and bright colors.