15 Weird Pets in History That People Dared to Keep

Different studies prove that there is a special relationship between people with certain personality traits and the type of animal they choose to take in. It’s widely known that pet possession can have some positive effects on our health and behavior. But does it apply to all kinds of animals?

We at smartzune.com have collected some pictures that prove that a pet is a pet as long as it has an owner — no matter what type of animal it may be!

1. Theodore Roosevelt’s Josiah

This little badger was gifted to Theodore Roosevelt during his railroad tour of the American West by a 12-year-old girl named Pearl Gorsuch. Roosevelt brought it home with him and gave it to his son, Archie. Archie was known to have said that Josiah bit people’s legs sometimes, “but never bites faces.

15 Weird Pets in History That People Dared to Keep

” We guess that’s pretty good.The story of the arrival of Billy the pygmy hippo started when Harvey Firestone, a millionaire mogul at the helm of Firestone Tires, found a baby pygmy hippo somewhere around the plains of Liberia and decided to keep him. But Billy grew up fast and suddenly wasn’t so cute anymore. He was 600 lb, over six ft long and very expensive to feed, even for a millionaire. So Harvey presented Billy as a gift to the President who was very glad to accept it.