15 superb art ideas to decorate your room

Have you ever looked at a painting that was bought for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you don’t understand why it costs so much, because your three-years-old child draws the same kind of thing? smartzune.com   believes that all of us are talented, and that’s why we put together this selection of superb hand-made art ideas.

Oriental Fragrance

15 superb art ideas to decorate your room

If you have some old CDs lying around at home, don’t hurry to throw them out – they can be given another chance for life in the form of a beautiful bird bath. You can find the details on how to make it here.

Nature In Your House

15 superb art ideas to decorate your room

Any beautiful branch from your garden can become the template for a painting. All you need is some ordinary spray paint, and the step-by-step instructions that can be found here.

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