15 People Who Can Stay Ice-Cool in Any Situation

We all need to maintain composure from time to time. If you’ve experienced these moments where you just can’t control your feelings, you should know that in this world, there are people who are so calm that they’ve probably exhausted the composure reserves of the whole Universe. This is why it seems like you never have enough of patience. Just have a look at the guy who’s having lunch while watching a fire. Amazing composure!

smartzune.com hopes these people will inspire you to be as calm as Buddha.

“This is the principal at my kids’ school. Dressed as a T-rex. I can’t imagine the bet he lost for this to happen.”

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25 People Who Can Stay Ice-Cool in Any Situation

So my wife sends me a picture just now…this is the principal at my kids school…dressed as a trex…while being a crossing guard…I can’t imagine the bet he lost over the weekend for this to happen. Easily the coolest principal ever though. via /r/fu…Everyone sometimes needs a little composure. If you have such moments, know: there are people in the world who have obviously accumulated too much of themselves in themselves, having exhausted the reserves of the Universe. For example, a guy who quietly continues to dine, looking at the fire.