15 Hacks You Can Use to Finally Get the Garden of Your Dreams

Gardening is as fun as it can sometimes be frustrating. It is often a case of trial and error before you get it right and create the garden you’ve always wanted. However, there are some great tips and tricks that you can learn from other gardeners — so, whether you want the neighbor’s cats to finally stop using your garden as litter box or whether you want to make your garden look bigger, we suggest you read on.

The following 15 genius gardening hacks found by the smartzune.com  team are divided into 2 parts — one making sure that you treat your plants with a true green thumb and the other helping you with the rest of your garden design.

First make sure your plants grow happily.

1. Soak your seeds in warm water before sowing.

The moment when your seed starts to grow into a seedling is called germination. By soaking your seeds overnight you will give them a jump start, which will speed up the whole process.

2. Use seeding starters.

By starting the first growing of the sprouts inside, you are able to begin a bit sooner in the season than with direct seeding. There are very few plants that don’t like being transplanted from a container to the ground. We advise using organic starter cups, like ice cream cones or eggshells, since you can put them directly into the ground where they will degrade. Making paper cups also works, since you can easily peel off the paper before planting your sprouts outside.

3. Keep those sprouts alive by creating a mini-greenhouse.

You can easily create a miniature greenhouse by cutting out the bottom of any type of plastic container. This gives your plants a nice warm environment to start growing and may protect them from any harsh environmental elements.

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