15 funny-looking snacks that are great for children’s parties

Moms all over the world always wonder what to cook for kids and their young guests at a birthday party or any other children’s event. All parents just want their kids to have festive lunches or dinners!

smartzune.com  suggests you take a look at some simple but delicious dishes that are decorated in interesting and funny ways. Your kids will definitely love these!

Caramel apples

To make this dish, you need to pierce the apples with wooden skewers or chopsticks, dip them in caramel, and roll them in nut crumbs or sesame seeds.

Watermelon ice-cream

This is a healthy alternative to ice cream. Cut the watermelon into triangles and insert a wooden popsicle stick into each piece.

Mini pizza

Often, kids hardly finish huge slices of pizza (which is good for hungry parents, of course). A mini pizza, though, is a perfect choice for children’s parties. You can also decorate the pizzas by placing colorful flags with kids’ names on them.

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