15 Facts Proving This World Is Weirder Than We Thought

Our world is full of amazing and sometimes unexpected facts. For example, Napoleon was once attacked by rabbits and it’s possible for a dog to become a mayor of a city. Not only will this information raise your IQ, but it will also cheer you up.

Bright Side collected 15 interesting facts that will change the way you see the world. At the end of the article, there’s a bonus that will tell you about the weirdest beauty test ever.

15. Marriages with dead people are legal in France.

In France, a posthumous marriage where one of the spouses is deceased is considered legal. This type of marriage is also legal in China and Sudan.

15 Facts Proving This World Is Weirder Than We Thought

Dozens of requests for registering these marriages have been issued in France since the 20th century and many of them have been approved.15-facts-proving-this-world

14. The eyes of an ostrich are bigger than its brain.

The eyes of ostriches are often compared to billiard balls. Their eyeballs are so big that only a brain the size

15 Facts Proving This World Is Weirder Than We Thought

of a walnut can fit comfortably in the skull with them. The mass of an ostrich brain is 2 times less than the mass of their eyes.