15+ Details You Might Have Overlooked in Your Favorite TV Series

We are always ready to watch our favorite TV series over and over again, but even when we do, we still miss a lot of cool details and hints that the creators left for us. For example, have you ever paid attention to the address where doctor House lives and what it means?

We at   smartzune.com   have watched almost all of the popular TV series and we are ready to share a collection of interesting details about them.

In Game of Thrones, all the Dothraki warriors have long hair and braids. If a Dothraki loses a fight, he cuts off a braid, so the longer the braid, the stronger the warrior. Khaleesi follows this tradition and she starts to add braids from the moment she becomes the queen of the khalasar. The more victories she has, the more braids appear on her head: by the end of the show, her hair is more complicated than the last season of the show.Internet users even joked about this, “It is great that the showrunners didn’t put bells in her braids like they did in the books. Because then, her dragon flights would sound like a Christmas sleigh.”

See how John Watson types the text for his Sherlock blog: he uses just 2 fingers. This is a nod to the Victorian times typing method in which the original stories of Sherlock Holmes took place.