15 Celebrities Who’ve Gone Makeup-Free and Nailed It

Sometimes we just need to ditch our everyday makeup routine to give our skin a chance to breathe freely. Though we all know it’s healthy, we still feel shy about showing the skin imperfections we might have. In order to get a boost of self-confidence, we’re offering you a chance to look at the celebrities who were brave enough to go makeup-free and even post their natural photos online.

We at smartzune.com   are all for natural beauty, that’s why we couldn’t help but share these photos of celebrities proudly showing their ’bare’ faces.

15. Lady Gaga

Though Lady Gaga successfully launched her own beauty line called Haus Laboratories in September, she was still courageous enough to post a photo of herself without almost any makeup, wearing Tiffany diamonds, during her pre-Oscars preparations. Which Gaga do you like more?

14. Adele

Au natural Adele looks as stunning without makeup as she does with it. The British singer occasionally posts makeup-free photos on her Instagram and they gain millions of likes. Like this one, for example.