14 Things Your Face Can Tell About Your Health

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MRIs and X-rays are used by doctors around the world to diagnose all kinds of ailments and diseases. But have you ever thought about what methods were being used in ancient times for a quick diagnosis? They used to narrow down symptoms using the face as their prime source to detect diseases. As per the Ayurvedic teaching called “Face Mapping”, they’d analyze every part of the face as every part of it is linked to a certain organ in the body.

At   smartzune.com  , we were intrigued by how many different diseases can be identified by just a few symptoms that appear on the face.

1. Receding chin

A receding chin is generally considered to be a part of the aging process. However, a receding chin or retrogenia as it is called in the medical field can also be caused by your genetics.

14 Things Your Face Can Tell About Your Health

Other known causes could be due to the Pierre Robin sequence and Treacher Collins syndrome, which is found in small infants, impairing their breathing.Some doctors suggest wearing braces to bring the chin back in place, especially in the cases of an overbite (misalignment of teeth).