14 Stereotypes About Women That’ve Been Disproved by Science But Are Still Widely-Believed

It seems no one has managed to find out what women really want yet. But there are many stereotypes and myths about women that many people believe in. When doing various experiments and research, scientists have found out that popular beliefs about the beautiful half of humanity don’t often match reality.

Based on various research studies and statistics, smartzune.com decided to bust 14 well-known myths about women. We understand that these kinds of topics often create another reason to debate about sexism, that’s why we would like to warn you that we have simply collected curious facts without intending to insult anyone.

Myth № 1: Women love kids by default.

There is an opinion that women are more prone to loving kids due to their natural motherly instincts, and it doesn’t matter whether they are her own children or another woman’s kids. However, several years ago, theCenter for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences located in Palo Alto, California decided to check the number of complaints about the behavior of different kids among the visitors of fast food cafes.

14 Stereotypes About Women That’ve Been Disproved by Science But Are Still Widely-Believed

As a result, for every 9 women who complained, there was only one man who complained about noise and children’s crying. This can be explained by the fact that women generally pay more attention to children and pay attention to their behavior more often.

Moreover, professor Ross Parke from the USA found out that fathers talk to their newborn babies more often than mothers. Also, men can perfectly understand what a baby’s cry means: tiredness, hunger, a lack of attention, etc.