14 Rules That Make a Princess’s Life Less Than Easy

Every girl dreams of being a princess from the moment she first sees a Disney movie. A fairy-tale castle, a charming prince, and a kingdom as well — what could be better? However, the life of real princesses is not as easy as it may seem.

smartzune.com collected a list of things that princesses, unlike ordinary girls, are forbidden to do.

14. Sign autographs

An autograph is a person’s own signature or handwriting. The term is used particularly in connection with the collecting of autographs of celebrities; the hobby of collecting autographs is known as “philography”.Once your hard work has paid off and you’ve finally achieved your dreams of becoming famous, your adoring fans will likely want memorabilia of you, and this includes your signature. Signing autographs can be a tedious and grueling activity if you’re not prepared.[1] But if you approach your autograph signing with a little forethought, practice, and social grace, your fans will treasure your autograph for years to come.

Kate is allowed to be photographed with her fans and shake their hands, but she must not sign autographs. According to royal rules, she can put her signature only on official documents. The reason for this rule is Queen Elizabeth’s fear that someone might forge the signatures and use them against her family.