14 Photos That Make Us Believe in Humanity Again

If you’ve suddenly lost your faith in humanity, there is one good remedy — these kind photos. Look at the boy who saved his friend, or the dog who found its home, and you will understand that our world is still a wonderful place to live in.

smartzune.com put together some touching photos that show human kindness and generosity of the heart.

A homeless dog entered a church during a wedding ceremony and laid down on the bride’s veil when the couple was standing at the altar. The newlyweds considered it a good sign and took the dog home.


Matheus and Marília Pieroni had it all planned out. They would have a gorgeous outdoor wedding in São Paulo, Brazil and become a family of two.They also didn’t plan on becoming a family of three after a dog crashed their wedding.

The rain forced the wedding to be performed under a tent. In addition to all of their family and friends seeking shelter under the tent, so was a muddy pawed pup.

14 Photos That Make Us Believe in Humanity Again

The wedding staff tried to get the dog to leave and the groomsmen even carried him outside. However, the dog was determined to have his bridal moment.

The couple was reading their vows when someone else decided they would say “I Do” to becoming a part of their family as well.

“The dog entered and laid down to sleep on my veil,” Marília explained. “It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because I love animals. I liked it very much.