14 pearls of wisdom to help you train better, smarter and more effectively

1. There are no quick fixes, shortcuts or magic pills when it comes to weight loss, health or fitness

Sorry to burst your bubble right off the bat, but it’s true. You can certainly speed up the process, avoid mistakes and maximise your efforts with tried-and-tested methods, but the key words here are your efforts. Working hard and being disciplined is a prerequisite. The trick is knowing and putting into practice the advice and methods that are more effective than others, so you’re able to maximise your time.
Person holds weight about to do a deadlift.
There are no hacks, fads or tricks – just old-fashioned hard work

4. Stacking fitness on top of dysfunction will only lead to injury or plateau

This fact is greatly overlooked in much of the fitness industry. While movement quality and training technique isn’t ‘the sexy stuff’ which is going to motivate you and make for an inspirational marketing campaign, it’s often the difference between progress and results, or spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Even worse, training with poor technique can lead to acute or long-term chronic injury.
Woman uses battle ropes in a gym.
Good form when practising different movements is paramount