14 Flawless Examples of Child Logic That Left Us Speechless

If parents could predict their children’s actions, their lives would be way easier. But they only can guess what’s going on in their kids’ heads. Children are unpredictable, but we still love them more than anything in this world.

smartzune.com has collected some examples of child logic that can make parents laugh and cry at once.

14. Don’t make things complicated.

We make things really complicated in this world. I mean REALLY complicated. It’s drama, it’s secrets, it’s lies, and everything in between.

Recently, one of my oldest friends sent me an image with the following statements on it. I’d like to expound a bit upon them and explain how dramatically we actually end up manipulating them.

14 Flawless Examples of Child Logic That Left Us Speechless

Just this past week, I’ve realized the incredible power of letter writing and text messaging.

My great grandmother is someone who I greatly admire but don’t get to see often. I fixed this by writing a letter.

When you’re missing somebody, send them a message — don’t be afraid to say hey.