14 Answers to the Question “Why Does Nobody Leave Canada?”

What do we know about Canada besides maple syrup, hockey, and police on horseback? Well, more than 100,000 people move to Canada every year and they stay there. Let’s try to figure out what’s so great about this country.

We at smartzune.com  did some digging and we would like to share what we’ve come up with. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even inspire some of our readers to move to Canada!

1. When Canadians have nothing to do, they go outside with posters to cheer other people up.

  • Set up posters so that everyone can see them (See “Introduction” for which poster to use)
  • Introduce yourself and any other facilitators
  • Divide students into groups – either number them off or get the teacher to help you divide them into teams. Five is usually a good number of teams

Give each group a picture of an animal and have them make sound then the other groups guess what animal they are. Here are a few animal pictures.

What makes you different? Think about what you like to do, where you come from, who is in your family, a language you speak, etc…kids put up their hand and answer

14 Answers to the Question “Why Does Nobody Leave Canada?”

Each child puts their name on a leaf – each child can also write a word that represents what they learned eg friendship, sharing, respect – write the words on the blackboard

Each child sticks their leaf to the friendship tree

“Friendship tree is for you to keep in your class room. It will remind you…” – review challenges and inclusion – do this with the younger children