13 Frightening Facts About the World That Gave Us the Shivers

Sometimes something scary exists even in the most ordinary things. Have you ever thought about how many times you might have been near a dangerous criminal but weren’t able to tell them from a regular person? Or have you ever considered ignoring the “No swimming” sign? People who think that “some germs” can’t eat them throw caution out the window, but that could lead to grave circumstances.

smartzune.com has made a small compilation of facts about the world that might seem frightening even though there’s nothing supernatural about them.

13. Up until the end of 1980s, some doctors didn’t believe that newborn babies could feel pain.

As recently as 1999, it was commonly stated that babies could not feel pain untilthey were a year old, but today it is believed newborns and likely even fetuses beyond a certain age can experience pain.and even those that are not born yet, can feel pain just like adults.

A study conducted by doctors in Great Britain and Ireland in 1988 showed that 13% of people were sure that children from 0 to 12 months couldn’t feel pain and 23% weren’t completely sure. That’s why during serious surgeries, doctors often only used local anesthesia.

The question of whether children younger than one year could feel pain was debated for many years. But now it is a proven fact that newborn children,