12 Things That Destroy a First Impression Immediately

Research shows that the first impression is formed within 7 seconds of meeting somebody. If you have a job interview, the manager can make a decision about hiring you in just 30 seconds. Avoiding the common mistakes that ruin this first impression could increase your chances of finding a job, a friend, a client, or a life partner.

smartzune.com collected some common blunders that can make you appear rude, bored, selfish, and annoying in the eyes of a person you meet for the first time. Read this list through to the end to find out how to avoid errors and use your 7 seconds wisely.

1. Weak handshake

A handshake is the unspoken word that initiates a conversation in almost any social or professional get-together. This form of introduction can make or break the tone of your environment. According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, everyone should pay close attention to their handshake. People are making judgments and basing their initial opinions of you off of this small, but formidable gesture.

The goal here is to make this quick and easy gesture your best friend and secret weapon. However, first, you must discover what the handshake that you currently have reveals about you, your personality and 12 Things That Destroy a First Impression Immediately

Limp handshakes can be a real killer of the first impression. Research shows that people with a weak handshake are judged as being shy, anxious, less open, and lacking any ability. Another common mistake people make is holding the other person’s hand for too long. If you want to succeed, give a firm handshake and follow the two-second-rule.

the first impression that you give off.

Like the tale of Goldilocks, a great handshake is not too firm, not too limp, but just right. Let’s find out if your handshake is a deal maker or deal breaker.