12 Signs That Can Help You Recognize a Child Kidnapper

Every year, thousands of children disappear all over the world. Kidnappers are very good psychologists. They can easily build a connection with a child that they can later use in their manipulation.

smartzune.com has collected 12 kidnappers’ tricks that kidnappers use when interacting with children. It’s important to watch out for such behavior to avoid being kidnapped and to prevent a kidnapping.


One of the most common tricks that kidnappers use is they simply ask a child for help. If you witness such a situation, it may be a warning sign because normal adult people don’t ask unfamiliar children for help!

12 Signs That Can Help You Recognize a Child Kidnapper

 If an adult person has some kind of a problem (they lost a dog or a cat, or they can’t open a car door because their hands are busy with heavy bags), they will always ask another adult person for help, but never a child.


If a child is crying, trying to get their hand free or screaming, you might think that the kid is simply misbehaving. But if the child is beyond hysterical

12 Signs That Can Help You Recognize a Child Kidnapper

, maybe you should come and ask if everything is all right. Don’t be afraid to ask the child who the adult person is to them. If this is a kidnapper, they will most likely run away because you have memorized their face.