11 Tasteless Clothes We’d Better Get Rid Of (Even If They’re Trendy)

Fashion is really diverse and some clothes that were considered to be awful a few years ago can conquer the world in the upcoming season. Nevertheless, there are some trends that we’d like to forget about as they are neither beautiful nor useful.

smartzune.com has collected the most tasteless things that we should throw away.

11. “Jewelry” claw clips

Though various comb headbands from the ’90s are becoming popular again, we’re recommended to forget about some of the accessories of that time. Claw clips decorated with rhinestones and painted in gold and silver colors can destroy your style and make it tasteless and awkward.

11 Tasteless Clothes We’d Better Get Rid Of (Even If They’re Trendy)

What can you wear instead? Wear a loose ponytail, a bun, or pigtails, or just leave your hair down. As for accessories, you can use a circle pin or any other geometric shape pin. You can also use bobby pins or a simple hair tie.