11 Stories About Love Where People Prove It With Their Actions (They Are Really Cute)

Love is not just about compliments, flowers, or songs, it’s also hard work that requires effort from both sides. Sometimes our actions might tell someone we love them much more than even the warmest words.

smartzune.com has made a compilation of stories that have everything: true love, humor, moving things that people did, and very cute moments.

  • I live with my boyfriend. We have a laptop and we been having a fight over the wallpaper: he set
    tanks, I set cute bunnies. My friend came over. She opened the laptop and burst out laughing! She told me to look closer at the tank and I noticed a ring on it! It’d been there for a month! And I didn’t even notice it! Then, my boyfriend comes into the room and screams, “Will you marry me or not?!” Our wedding is coming soon.
  • While I was driving to work my attention was attracted to an unusual couple. It was a young family with a small child. The girl had problems with hearing and speech so they used gestures to communicate. Her significant other learned an entire language for her and we can’t even say “I’m sorry” sometimes. This is what true love is!
  • My grandparents had been together for 80 years, since they were both 15. They had been through war together, my grandpa lost his arm, and my grandma lost her hearing. They were poor and hungry, they raised 6 children, and they protected their families. When they were retired, they moved near the sea. My grandma fought cancer twice and my grandfather recovered after a stroke. He bought flowers for her all the time and they loved each other very much. They died at the age of 95, one day apart.