11 Facts That Can Turn Our Knowledge About the World Upside Down

The total number of scientists around the world is about 8 million. Even if each of them has been working on something for 10 years, it means that every day they make hundreds of new discoveries. Medicine, animal behavior, technology — theories that we know are being proved, denied, or corrected.

Bright Side gathered several facts that break many theories as we know them.

1. The most dangerous country in the world is Vatican City.

This surprising paradox occurred due to the way scores are calculated: the number of civil crimes and criminal offenses that happen during a year should be divided by the city population. The number of in Vatican City is far lower than in São Paulo, Lagos, and even the Bronx.

11 Facts That Can Turn Our Knowledge About the World Upside Down

For example, in 2006, the population of Vatican City numbered 492 inhabitants, while the number of crimes registered in its territory was 827 cases. As a result, a statistical crime rate turned out to be the highest in the world — 1.68 cases per citizen.