11 Celebrities Who’ve Reached the Age of 80 and Are Still Awesome

True actors can’t imagine their lives without cinema. This is why they can still act perfectly at the age of 70, 80, or even 90. We hope that these stars will keep making new films. And all we can do is be amazed at how strong and devoted they are.

We at smartzune.com  are shocked at how hardworking they are and we just can’t understand the secrets of the people from this compilation that allow them to remain active.

Ian McKellen, 80 years old

Proceeds from his national tour will help support local live theatre around the UK. The fund has now reached £800,000.

Sir Ian said: “Live theatre has always been thrilling to me, as an actor and in the audience. Growing up in Lancashire, I was grateful to those companies who toured beyond London.”

One of the 80-year-olds who went to the show, Annella Youngman, of Coltishall, Norfolk, said: “It was absolutely wonderful. I’ve been a fan of Sir Ian’s forever, and 10 years ago this month I saw him in Waiting for Godot in Norwich.

“I said to him at the time that he was doing well for a 70-year-old as I was also 70. He said ‘You’re not doing so badly yourself.’ He was a perfect gentleman.”

  • First role: David Copperfield (1966)
  • Recent role: Cats (2019)

Despite the fact that many people know this British actor only as Gandalf, the character from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, there is no Shakespeare play that he hasn’t played in. Sir Ian McKellen has also taken part in popular projects like X-MenThe DaVinci Code, and Beauty and the Beast.