11 Awesome Science Experiments You Need to Show Your Kids

There are certain simple experiments which really impress children. They might not entirely understand the explanation which lies behind them, but they’ll remember them for their whole life, and they could very well help them understand something in science class when the time comes.

We compiled 11 of the most interesting experiments which are guaranteed to impress your kids and friends. Everything you need for them can be found at home.

Pencil trick

You need: A polyethylene bag, some ordinary pencils, water.

The experiment: Fill about half the polyethylene with water. Pierce the bag using the pencils in the places where it’s filled with water.

11 Awesome Science Experiments You Need to Show Your Kids

Explanation: If you pierce the bag with the pencils and only then pour in the water, it will seep out through the holes you’ve made. But if you fill it first and then insert the pencils, the water will not seep out at all. This is a result of the fact that when the polyethylene is broken apart it’s molecules move closer together. In this case, the polyethylene tightens around the pencils.