10 Times Other Countries Added an Insane Twist to the Fairy Tales We Love

Some of our favorite fairy tales that we grew up with continue to enchant people all around the world. The story of Cinderella, for example, has been the subject of Italian operas, Russian ballets, and even Japanese kabuki plays. That said, each time somebody retells a story, they add their own personal touch. Because of this, some countries might turn a classic story into something…interesting.

We at smartzune.com love to look at the similarities and differences among people around the world, even when it comes to fairy tales, so we’ve collected some surprising versions of classic stories from around the world.

The African Snow White ends up becoming a stepmother herself.

Probably the most iconic wicked stepmother in all literature is the evil queen in Snow White, but one interpretation of Cameroon’s story breaks this classic trope.

An evil princess has a magic mirror in the novel, The Beautiful Daughter, that repeatedly tells her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. However, she eventually gives birth to a daughter who grows up to be more beautiful.

10 Times Other Countries Added an Insane Twist to the Fairy Tales We Love

That’s more than her. The daughter is sent to live in the forest, and some friendly robbers take her in and end up being poisoned with a magic pin.

The sleeping princess is cherished by a chief and takes her body to his castle. While there, the daughter of the leader mistakes the woman for a doll and removes the pin unintentionally. This breaks the spell and becomes friends with the two girls. The chief eventually learns about what happened, punishes the evil mother and gets married to the heroine, which essentially makes her a stepmother to her own best friend.

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