10 Surprising Signs That Prove You’re In Love

What science says?

There are scientific discoveries that at the moment of falling in love almost twelve different areas of the brain are activated, that is, the brain and the body wake up. Recording by magnetic resonance shows that there is a neural zone that first reacts when we see the person we are in love with. The impulses further transmit to different areas of the brain that activate the secretion of the hormone,

which leads to a series of changes, both physically and psychologically. When Amor’s arrow hits us, releases the hormone of happiness – dopamine, which, among other things, promotes the spread of pupils. Dopamine stimulates the nerve endings of our eyes. Muscles begin to crack, and pupils are spreading… This has been proved by many years of research by Norwegian scientists.

He/she is perfect

How many times have you heard that love is blind? It’s not just a phrase, there’s a lot of truth in it. In love, people often glorify the partners’ positive sides, neglecting all his faults. They also focus on trivial occurrences or something that reminds them of a loved one and dreams of nice memories.  Dopamine play this key role, which is in charge of increasing the memory under the influence of a new stimulus.